Novak Djokovic found to be Corona Positive

As we all know that the whole world is fighting against coronavirus and there are some celebrities and even sports personnel who also test positive for coronavirus. Even some of the gems of the film industry and sports industry lost their lives because of coronavirus and in this pandemic, shocking news came from the tennis department that the coach of Novak Djokovic also tested positive for coronavirus. This is one of the shocking news that amazed a lot of tennis fans as now the probability of their tennis hero increased. This is the only reason why Novak Djokovic also went for the testing after getting the news that his coach is corona positive.  

Goran Ivanisevic is not only the coach of Djokovic but also Croatia’s former Wimbledon Champion and he was also leading the tournament of Djokovic but now he was detected to be a corona positive patient. For that, he stated, “My family and even I am in shock that my result is positive and the main reason behind my shock is that I don’t even have any of the symptoms of coronavirus but when I tested, the reports are positive”. He also mentioned in their Instagram post that everybody is so caring with him and supporting their family to fight with COVID 19. This thing also made him feel so relaxed and calming that everybody is with him and supporting them.  

Along with that, he also mentioned that he and his family are taking all the measures that are necessary for this infection. They have isolated themselves in their house from 안전놀이터 the last few days and even they are having all the conversation over voice calls and video calls. However, the thing that made them in shock is that Ivanisevic tested positive again after 10 days, which shows the weakness of his immune system. However, he is a player but because of his increasing age and increase in work pressure, his immune system is affecting him very badly. 

However, after the test results he mentioned, “I continue to be in self-isolation until I feel good from inside”. As we all know that Ivanisevic is one of the most important parts of Djokovic, the coaching team and even he manages to train him and also look for the diet products that are useful for his body. This is the only reason why the director took down the Adria tour of Djokovic because it will lead to transmitting the infection to the other players, which is not a good move from the perspective of sportsmanship. 

However, after the Zadar championship Grigor Dimitrov, Djokovic, and Borna Coric seemed to be corona positive and went under self-isolation. Some of the experts said that players need to be more careful with this pandemic as any looseness will cause heavy losses to their body and to their career as well. Therefore, they all need to reduce their public interaction.

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