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Let’s have a look at recent news in sports betting.

Proposed sports betting plan in California got crushed, casino tribes opposed this move

Sports betting throughout the USA is flourishing. It seemed like California was going to be the next stage in this series. This was even supported by Baseball leagues like the NFL and NBA.

Powerful sports leagues like the NBA and NFL couldn’t be so effective in front of Indian casino tribes of California. Casino tribes oppose this move with their full force.

It was an amendment to the constitution of California which could allow people to bet using their digital devices like laptops and smartphones. It was a proposal to let citizens enter the modern and bold era of gambling. Bill Dodd went through a pivotal vote of committee just before one day of law was going to be passed.

Native American tribes who were supporting this plan to legalize online sports betting reacted that restriction of this legislation will cause a deficit of millions of revenue which could 늑대닷컴 be generated in the form of tax. They said Indian casino tribes are giving a push to their thought of wagering in offline sports, horse racing tracks and casinos.

A consultant in the gaming industry said that Bill Dodd has given concessions to the power of tribes who have achieved it in the previous 20 years. He further added, “Anyone will go through the same issue who wants to get a bill passed by the legislature.”

In the previous two years, More than 24 states have legalized online betting in the USA. This opposition of offline casino tribes on Monday ended up like a bad hope for California.

California was all set to face a new historical moment, but unfortunately, all plans failed with a bad end.

Regulators of Gambling created a new history by authorizing licenses to seven casinos

Thursday was a big day for gambling regulators, Illinois board of gaming issued licenses to seven casinos. It is like a bonus in a state where the economy is getting dull day by day, people who love to bet are getting the best gambling opportunity amid this COVID-19 situation.

During this corona phase, almost all casinos are facing a temporary indefinite shutdown. But this news has brought sparkle for gamblers to do wagering in pro golf and other games which have started as normal.

Even those casinos who have licenses for the long term need permission to resume taking bets on a digital basis. Online betting platforms leverage other offering states to handle massive account bet acceptance. 

Providing a license to casinos in exchange of $40 million and a lot more benefits the state funds on a massive scale. The amount of gain is dependent on the previous year’s casino’s complete generated revenue.

It is a piece of good news amid this pandemic to support state funds. Where gambling can reach new heights, these licenses can be a boon in total shutdown.

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