Top 5 List of Online Casino Gambling Tips

Whatever your gambling taste, here are three top gambling tips for the average gambler or even newbie. The result of thirty years of successful gambling experience to guide you. I call them golden rules, gambling tips or punter tricks. They are the basic gambling tips that every bettor 안전놀이터 추천 should know and follow in his or her life long gambling career. They are simple to learn and apply, but can save you hundreds, thousands and even millions of dollars over the years, if you play your cards right.

Best Gambling Tips

In my opinion the best gambling tips are those related to betting. Betting refers to both slots and blackjack, the two most popular gambling games today. Blackjack is usually the “quick pick” for a new player who is just learning to play because it is the easiest game to learn while still having a fairly large house edge (for a small amount of money). It pays off well to go big on slots because you can get a very large jackpot through successful betting, but you are more likely to lose a lot more money if you are playing the smallest denomination of slot machines (the dime slots).

The best gambling tips to follow for slot machines include not to get too emotional about your winnings and losses. Some gamblers have become attached to the fact that they have won at one casino game and that they will win that same machine the next time as well. I am not suggesting that you start by betting one slot machine every time you win, but don’t keep your emotions in check. These gambling hounds tend to lose everything at once and are rarely successful at gambling online or off.

Another of my golden gambling tips is to play at a casino that has an excellent reputation and one where the house advantage is at least 5 percent. For this tip to pay off, make sure you know the specific payout percentages for each of the slot machines offered in the casino. Some of these institutions may offer two types of payouts: a per-line payment and a per-roll payment. Per-line pays off a maximum of one cent per line, and per-roll pays off a maximum of five cents per line or a maximum of ten cents per roll.

My final gambling tips pertains to the relative merits of playing in online casinos versus playing in live ones. It is my opinion that online casinos offer more reliable payouts because the house advantage is less. In live casinos, a smaller percentage of bets are paying off at any given moment. Live online casinos are often designed so that a jackpot or other sizable prize is easily within the reach of the average gambler. In online casinos the jackpots are smaller because there are more people playing them at any given moment.

One of my last gambling tips is to always be aware of what type of bonuses any particular online casino games offer. Bonuses are generally offered as a way to entice new players to the games, as well as to ensure that players continue to play after they have been shown how easy they can win. Be sure to take advantage of all bonuses that are being offered. Many times bonuses are offered just for signing up, which means that the longer you are at the site the better your odds of winning that bonus. Another time saving tip is to make sure that you carefully read any payout information before placing bets. Sometimes bonuses have a minimum or maximum amount that must be spent on bet tickets.

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