Pokies, sports, and racing are harming the gambling business of people

Australia is the country that is most affected by betting. All the games which occur here are continuously under betting and gambling. This makes it boring for spectators to see.

Australia has released a fund system in which all the residents have to compulsorily store money. And, in that too, a monthly amount of money has been fixed by the government to all the residents.

This system is called the HILDA fund system. Its full form is Household, Income, and Labor Dynamics in Australia. It is the fund system started so that Australians are forced to save money for bad times.

The common thing that happens every time is that whenever an Australian has extra money.  They will try to use it in betting and gambling so that they can double it.

What did the HILDA fund find?

HILDA was a fund system released in Australia in the 20th century. Moreover, they wanted all the residents of Australia to save money rather than waste it.

This fund had told us that the Australian people spend around $1240 in betting and gambling. This amount is spent almost monthly. Due to this they do not have enough money to buy groceries and essential things.

HILDA has also indicated that around 39.1% of people in Australia are not that much involved in gambling. This age group covers mostly children and women.

Those people who do not engage in gambling and betting activities HILDA is considered as harmless. As they do not have the required amount of money at the correct time and have to wait.

HILDA has also suggested that more than 11% of adult people in Australia are addicted to gambling. And they do that almost every day without any stop.

It has also revealed a statistical graph that had indicated that around 200,000 people in Australia had been addicted to gambling, and they are regularly gambling.

HILDA has different methods of finding out whether a citizen is involved in gambling or not, and there are mostly two common methods that are through the telephone.

The other method is face to face http://toranger.net where the employees of the HILDA will disguise themselves and go to the home of the people and go to their home as they want to take their interview.

While doing this interview, they will ask them questions about gambling and betting, and those residents who are the most involved will only be able to answer this question will be considered as a gambler.

HILDA uses data to make decisions

HILDA uses different data provided through different methods like voting and by taking polls and suggestions from people about gambling and betting.

It will also include the survey results to check how many people have voted to make gambling a legal thing and how many people are against the decision to make it legal.

HILDA also uses the data from the different Google researches, which are being made by the residents in Australia.

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